Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week Seven

Now that I have joined the Gym and I'm going 3 or 4 times a week we're starting to use different machines.  I've no idea what they're called, I will find out next time I go, they're all arm/back/shoulder machines.  I do 20 minutes on the Cross-Trainer or/and Treadmill before I do the machines with sit-ups and hamstring stretches.

I've been with Chris, my Trainer, for 7 weeks now and I've been seeing him twice a week.  He's backing off a little from now though.  Don't get me wrong he's always there to message if I need advice but I have to get used to staying motivated and going to the Gym on my own without having him stand next to me.

From this week I will see him once a week and go to the Gym between times on my own.

I am not the greatest cook.  I struggle with time to do different things, I get into a bit of a rut with food so I'm finding my choices a little boring so I'm going to be on Pinterest this week looking for inspiration.

That said I have lost a further 1.5lbs this week so it's still coming off and as I said at the end of week six I don't mind how slowly it comes off as long as it does!

So total weightloss is now 23lb.

As with other weeks Chris does a video with how I'm getting on from his perspective, you can have a look at past videos as well as this one on his YouTube channel HERE.

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