Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week Seven

Now that I have joined the Gym and I'm going 3 or 4 times a week we're starting to use different machines.  I've no idea what they're called, I will find out next time I go, they're all arm/back/shoulder machines.  I do 20 minutes on the Cross-Trainer or/and Treadmill before I do the machines with sit-ups and hamstring stretches.

I've been with Chris, my Trainer, for 7 weeks now and I've been seeing him twice a week.  He's backing off a little from now though.  Don't get me wrong he's always there to message if I need advice but I have to get used to staying motivated and going to the Gym on my own without having him stand next to me.

From this week I will see him once a week and go to the Gym between times on my own.

I am not the greatest cook.  I struggle with time to do different things, I get into a bit of a rut with food so I'm finding my choices a little boring so I'm going to be on Pinterest this week looking for inspiration.

That said I have lost a further 1.5lbs this week so it's still coming off and as I said at the end of week six I don't mind how slowly it comes off as long as it does!

So total weightloss is now 23lb.

As with other weeks Chris does a video with how I'm getting on from his perspective, you can have a look at past videos as well as this one on his YouTube channel HERE.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Something I wanted to share....

So this blog I hope is going to show not just my physical changes but also psychological and the changes that happen as a result of those things.

I hope to cover my skincare, clothing I get as I reduce in size and improving my life generally e.g career, business and positivity.

I always try to look at things positively, sometimes that's a struggle but if I can I always try to find a positive.

Last year I used a planner to help me have some focus.

It is by a lovely inspirational lady called Leonie Dawson, it's a great tool to help focus you on having a great year and improve life and if you run your own business it's a great tool for that too.  You can find out all about it by clicking HERE

I wasn't the only one, 50,000 people joined Leonie in 2015.  

Forget resolutions (they never last!) Create an incredible 2016 check it out HERE 

Week Six...

So this week in the gym we added Abs to the workout and an incline on the treadmill.  The Abs were a bit embarrassing to do at the Gym, to be honest the first and third time with Chris I had to do it at the Gym and because I was on my own the second and fourth time I waited till I got home to do them.

What with the old knees it's a struggle getting up sometimes and in a gym where there are ultra fit people I find it a bit embarrassing to be honest.

I have had a couple of days where my food has gone off the rails this week.  I tried to reintroduce things that I'd purposely kept away from, my danger foods, chocolate/crisps.. but I've realised I can't do that at least not yet.

It's a bit like a smoker I think, I have been eating this rubbish for many many years and to have expected to be able to have some and be satisfied after such a short time isn't for me.  When I gave up smoking and alcohol (26 and 13 years respectively) it wasn't 'I'm going to cut back then stop' I had to just avoid them completely.  That's how I succeeded at both.  Don't get me wrong I didn't have a drinking problem, I just didn't want to drink anymore so perhaps that was easier than if I'd had a problem.

The two occasions that I have drank alcohol in the 13 years were both in the last year and I've drank on those occasions and then it's not even addressed the next day....not drinking alcohol is normal for me so it was just back to normality....... that's why I think I have to cut out my danger foods completely, not partially, until I'm at a point where I can take or leave them.  Right now I still have a bit of a psyche of getting out of control again with them and that scares me..... I cannot go backwards now.

So being the first week I've struggled psychologically I have found that if you do have a wobble you don't have to give up, it's just move on.

There's no race, I have put on my weight over 30 years, if it takes me 18 months to get it off then so be it.

So this week the weightloss was 1.5lb

Total weightloss is now 20.5lb