Monday, 19 October 2015

Week Two

On to week two..

I have always led a fairly sedentary life in terms of exercise. Don't get me wrong being a single Mum of three as any parent will tell you, I'm always on the go but rarely do any proper exercise. I've always used the 'I don't really have time' excuse.

But all along knowing that as a parent if I don't look after myself who is going to look after the family. Until it became more difficult or perhaps just more of a consideration when doing things I'd taken for granted it wasn't a big problem to me.

I went for a trip to London with my boys, even when I was smaller I found London tiring especially when you're doing the tourist thing. But being larger, the sheer amount of walking that you do really hurt my hips.

That's when I realised this was becoming an issue.

So week two was about beginning to get moving, starting to take notice of the amount of steps I do in a day.

I bought a pedometer and that was another eye opener (there have been a few – can you tell?) I thought I was doing so many more steps than I actually was! There were just 2 days a week that I was getting anywhere close to 6000 steps a day! Of course that means nowhere close to the recommended steps a day of 10,000.  

Before starting with Chris I was worried about how I'd keep up with the exercise, how I'd even manage it. But Chris advocates baby steps, it's no good taking someone from being fairly sedentary to an hour in the gym every day cardio and weights. It's just not sustainable, I'd have pushed myself to do it because I wouldn't have wanted to be seen to fail but how long would I have been able to do that without injuring myself.

So this first week was about going for walks. That's it that was what I needed to do, I needed to start. Before this I'd have been aware of needing to do something but I would start an exercise DVD at home and give up half way through. Now I could do moderate exercise and build it up..

This was a challenging week food wise. I love soul music and had always wanted to go to Caister Soul Weekend, it'd been on my must do list for about 10+ years. This year I was going!

Before getting there I was a little worried about what I'd be eating. I knew exercise wasn't going to be an issue, it's 3 days of dancing after all. But with My Fitness Pal on my phone I kind of got through it okay. The weekend was fab! The people were so lovely and the music was awesome and I had a good time while not obsessing about food.

I don't drink alcohol usually, I've drank twice in 11 years and Caister was one of those times, but because I don't drink I only had a couple of glasses of wine and I felt great, stopped there and drank water. So alcohol wasn't an issue calorie wise.

I lost 2lbs this week, I did think it'd be more down to the sheer amount of dancing but I came back quite bloated, my ankles had disappeared! I was so swollen so I presume that had something to do with it.

But 2lbs lost is a loss and with last weeks 7.5lb we're at a running total of 9.5lb loss in 2 weeks so I'm happy with that.

Here is Chris' week two video (it was 7.5lb loss in week one not 6lb)...

Please join me tomorrow for week 3's update...

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