Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Week Three

After watching people's feedback from a weekend at Caister Soul Weekend over the years, they'd often said about their feet needing a week to recover (we're none of us getting any younger!) and Caister flu.  I thought they were urban myth... well they weren't :) but they didn't detract from an amazing weekend either.

Week 3 started the Tuesday after Caister (September 29th 2015)
This week was the first week in the Gym, Chris belongs to a body building gym in Milton Keynes so we went there.

That was a little daunting, it wasn't a pretty gym (as I call them) it is a gym (as the name suggests) where body builders go to train and get ready for competitions.  I was dreading my first day, I met Chris outside, I got there early and saw some of the blokes going in.  They were all really nice and said good morning which began putting me at my ease.

We went in and the first day was really about the treadmill, nothing else, getting to know the piece of equipment and walking for 20 minutes.  That was it.
Then on the Thursday we did 10 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross-trainer, I found the cross-trainer harder than the treadmill but got through it fine.

Food this week, I cannot begin to tell you how easy this plan is.  I've never got past day 3-4 of a diet in recent years.. but I've not gone over any of my allowances in 3 weeks.  I think that is due to a) the education and more importantly b) it's simple, no fuss, no BS it's sustainable.

No food is off the table just tweaking things....so for example, while we were at Caister the only thing that was open (it was 4am but we'd not eaten since about 6pm) was a fried chicken type takeaway, we went there twice over the weekend.  So instead of having a chicken burger in a bun and fries, the first time we went I had chicken in a wrap no fries and the second time I just had some nuggets again no fries.

Now okay, fried chicken isn't healthy but it was what was available and by changing my habit of having a full meal I managed to curb my hunger and not do too much damage. 

During week 4 (I will post tomorrow) I ate another 'fast food' but again tweaked it, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

But mostly my focus is always on 1745 calories and within that there being 154g of protein, all of which My Fitness Pal works out for me.  

That's what it's all about I think, making changes so it works for your life at that moment while making a huge change in your life long term.

Planning my meals is my next challenge, I'm less of a planner more of a 'what do we have' and I think planning will be the next big step.

This week I lost 5.5lb! (I think I lost some of the bloatedness by the end of the week)

Here is Chris' week 3 video

So my weight loss to this point has gone:
Week 1 - 7.5lb
Week 2 - 2 lb
Week 3 - 5.5lb
Total = 14.5lb loss

My steps have increased to 8000 on average per day from hardly reaching 6000 on average.

I am so pleased, I can start to feel a little difference.

The changes I've noticed..... a) I feel less bloated b) I'm more aware of my eating habits without being obsessed about them c) I am looking forward to increasing my time at the Gym d) my clothes are a tiny bit looser (I will share measurement loss next time) 

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See you next time :)

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