Sunday, 18 October 2015

Week One

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well.

When I'd posted my very first post the personal training plan hadn't started and I'd not met Chris properly yet, just for an interview when he was going through his selection process of who to give the 'Give Back' programme to.

Well, we're properly under way now. Given my track record I wanted to get a couple of weeks under my belt before I started posting.

I'm not going to concentrate on what I weighed (for now, I will reveal all at the end) suffice to say I have a huge amount to lose, approximately half my body weight.   But I'm not even focussing on that my focus is each individual stone, just losing 14lbs then starting all over again at 14lb to lose.

I've jotted down all my thoughts from the weeks, what we've done etc and now I will update you all.

So it's going to go like this... I'm going to post this post today and one every day for the next 4 days that will get me up to date in regards of weeks on the plan so far and then I will post once or twice a week from there with current results, actions and feelings...

Chris (his PT coaching company is called Kelly's Coaching, you can find his YouTube channel HERE) so, Chris and I met on the first Tuesday and for that first week (15thSeptember) which consisted of two sessions, one on the Tuesday and one on the Thursday.

Those first two sessions were all about education. What does the body actually need and how does it use what it needs and what does it do with the rest. The pure physiological reasons for the required food. What does the body do with protein, why it needs some fat and carbs and how it uses them etc

I am sure I've known all of what he was telling me over the years but my relationship with food wasn't practical, it was purely emotional, this is what I fancy rather than what does my body need. I think you lose all common sense knowledge once you step into the diet industries web of confusion and constantly conflicting advice.

It was an eye opener, my body (all of our bodies) are doing an amazing thing, trying to get us through our lives healthily, repair itself and keep trying to keep disease away and I was sabotaging all it's hard work with food it didn't need and less of what it needed to do the best it could.

Also, it was an eye opener regarding all the diets I'd been on over the years, don't eat protein, don't eat any carbs, only eat cabbage soup... (trust me I've tried them all).. yes if you'd stuck to them you'd have probably lost weight, but temporarily because they're unsustainable, I'm proof of that. But more importantly was the body able to access what it needed to do all the amazing things it is trying to do – probably not and the result of needing to lose as much as I do is because of eating the rubbish it didn't need.

So we had a look at my weight and my life and Chris worked out a plan. It's more calories than any other plan I've ever been on, I'm aware of my macros e.g .. how much protein I should be eating and I'm using the My Fitness Pal app to record it. Chris did tweak the app recommendations a little because obviously he's with me, he knows how much exercise I'm doing so once he'd tweaked it I have been allowed 1745 calories (at the moment, obviously as we go through that'll be adjusted) – that's a lot right? 

More than I've ever been allowed on a 'diet'. Recording couldn't be easier, just scan what you're eating into My Fitness Pal... bam! It works it all out for you and you can keep an eye on your macros (protein, fat, carbs etc) too.
Not only is it more calories than I've eaten on any other plan but also it's the easiest. There is no food I can't eat providing it doesn't go over my 'allowance'. So that makes it so much easier to work into your life.  

I've found that has kick started my self-regulation of what I'm eating, I don't need a list of 'off limit' foods that my brain has to focus on (tell my brain it's off limits and it craves it - e.g I've never been a big bread eater until I went on a mainly protein diet once, all I could think about what masses of crusty bread, it was a nightmare!)  I can eat what I like, if it fits in the My Fitness Pal allowance and I find I'm making better choices so as I can curb my hunger successfully through the day.

So how did I do that first week...... please remember how much I want to lose … I lost 7.5lb !! over half a stone.
I haven't been starving hungry once, I've had times when I've been a bit hungry but I want to lose weight, that's inevitable, I'm beginning to embrace the feeling of being slightly hungry as being a good sign and then eating better options to tide me over till mealtime.

It is about as unconfusing as an eating plan to lose weight could be and losing 7.5lb that first week has given me a boost.

Normally I'd get to day 3 or 4 of a diet and the little voice in my head (Jasper) would have told me it was fine to start again next week..... and the worst part, I'd have listened.

So, I'm recording videos of this whole process from my perspective but they won't be on YouTube until I've finished the first 6 months with Chris.

On Chris' YouTube channel you will find videos from his perspective how things are going, what he's showing me etc.  Please follow the YouTube channel to keep up with progress. Chris does offer online coaching so if you would like more information on that please contact him.  Here is the week one video...

As I said I will do daily posts this week getting you up to speed with how it's gone so far and then I'll be posting once or twice a week.  What's worked, what didn't work so well etc.

So please follow my blog and the You Tube channel and see you next time.

Sharon :)

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