Friday, 23 October 2015

Week Five

Still going strong...

So I've managed to get myself confused (it doesn't take a lot trust me lol) I'm having more trouble with the number of the weeks than the eating plan!  I think it's because I've had to do a few posts in quick succession, it'll settle I promise!

The end of week 5 was Tuesday 20th October..

We did more in the Gym this week, went over a couple of new pieces of equipment and still doing the 20 minutes on treadmill or cross-trainer to start.

Food is also staying on an even keel, still not fully prepared with meals but it's getting closer to that time of the month where you're waiting for payday! but it's going well still.

Big news this week....

Rather than go to the Gym just with Chris on a Tuesday and Thursday morning on his membership, I've joined the Gym myself.  They had a great deal on so I took the leap.

That means I can go a couple more mornings before work.  Considering how daunting I found it going in that Gym in the first place, I can't quite believe I've just chosen that Gym over any of the others.  But it has such a good feel about it.

Second piece of good news... I can feel changes in other areas of my life not just health.  I have this ideal job that I've always wanted to do and I believe I'm qualified to do.  I've wanted to be a Private Personal Assistant to someone in the music industry for a long time now but not really done anything about it.

This week I also enrolled on a course for career development.  I have also done something else that is out of the box and my comfort zone, I will share more if anything comes of it.  If nothing comes of it then it doesn't. but it's a start!

Third piece of good news, my Brother has joined up with Chris (he knew Chris long before I did) to get healthy and fit.  It's great we have each other to talk to about it.

Now on to results, this week I've lost    

That is -
Week 1 - 7.5lb
Week 2 - 2lb
Week 3 - 5.5lb
Week 4 - 2.5lb
Week 5 - 1.5lb

Total Loss - 19lb

Don't forget to subscribe to Chris' Kelly's Coaching YouTube channel by clicking HERE  to see my journey from his perspective.

Have a great week and I'm trying to live by this........

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