Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week Seven

Now that I have joined the Gym and I'm going 3 or 4 times a week we're starting to use different machines.  I've no idea what they're called, I will find out next time I go, they're all arm/back/shoulder machines.  I do 20 minutes on the Cross-Trainer or/and Treadmill before I do the machines with sit-ups and hamstring stretches.

I've been with Chris, my Trainer, for 7 weeks now and I've been seeing him twice a week.  He's backing off a little from now though.  Don't get me wrong he's always there to message if I need advice but I have to get used to staying motivated and going to the Gym on my own without having him stand next to me.

From this week I will see him once a week and go to the Gym between times on my own.

I am not the greatest cook.  I struggle with time to do different things, I get into a bit of a rut with food so I'm finding my choices a little boring so I'm going to be on Pinterest this week looking for inspiration.

That said I have lost a further 1.5lbs this week so it's still coming off and as I said at the end of week six I don't mind how slowly it comes off as long as it does!

So total weightloss is now 23lb.

As with other weeks Chris does a video with how I'm getting on from his perspective, you can have a look at past videos as well as this one on his YouTube channel HERE.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Something I wanted to share....

So this blog I hope is going to show not just my physical changes but also psychological and the changes that happen as a result of those things.

I hope to cover my skincare, clothing I get as I reduce in size and improving my life generally e.g career, business and positivity.

I always try to look at things positively, sometimes that's a struggle but if I can I always try to find a positive.

Last year I used a planner to help me have some focus.

It is by a lovely inspirational lady called Leonie Dawson, it's a great tool to help focus you on having a great year and improve life and if you run your own business it's a great tool for that too.  You can find out all about it by clicking HERE

I wasn't the only one, 50,000 people joined Leonie in 2015.  

Forget resolutions (they never last!) Create an incredible 2016 check it out HERE 

Week Six...

So this week in the gym we added Abs to the workout and an incline on the treadmill.  The Abs were a bit embarrassing to do at the Gym, to be honest the first and third time with Chris I had to do it at the Gym and because I was on my own the second and fourth time I waited till I got home to do them.

What with the old knees it's a struggle getting up sometimes and in a gym where there are ultra fit people I find it a bit embarrassing to be honest.

I have had a couple of days where my food has gone off the rails this week.  I tried to reintroduce things that I'd purposely kept away from, my danger foods, chocolate/crisps.. but I've realised I can't do that at least not yet.

It's a bit like a smoker I think, I have been eating this rubbish for many many years and to have expected to be able to have some and be satisfied after such a short time isn't for me.  When I gave up smoking and alcohol (26 and 13 years respectively) it wasn't 'I'm going to cut back then stop' I had to just avoid them completely.  That's how I succeeded at both.  Don't get me wrong I didn't have a drinking problem, I just didn't want to drink anymore so perhaps that was easier than if I'd had a problem.

The two occasions that I have drank alcohol in the 13 years were both in the last year and I've drank on those occasions and then it's not even addressed the next day....not drinking alcohol is normal for me so it was just back to normality....... that's why I think I have to cut out my danger foods completely, not partially, until I'm at a point where I can take or leave them.  Right now I still have a bit of a psyche of getting out of control again with them and that scares me..... I cannot go backwards now.

So being the first week I've struggled psychologically I have found that if you do have a wobble you don't have to give up, it's just move on.

There's no race, I have put on my weight over 30 years, if it takes me 18 months to get it off then so be it.

So this week the weightloss was 1.5lb

Total weightloss is now 20.5lb

Friday, 23 October 2015

Week Five

Still going strong...

So I've managed to get myself confused (it doesn't take a lot trust me lol) I'm having more trouble with the number of the weeks than the eating plan!  I think it's because I've had to do a few posts in quick succession, it'll settle I promise!

The end of week 5 was Tuesday 20th October..

We did more in the Gym this week, went over a couple of new pieces of equipment and still doing the 20 minutes on treadmill or cross-trainer to start.

Food is also staying on an even keel, still not fully prepared with meals but it's getting closer to that time of the month where you're waiting for payday! but it's going well still.

Big news this week....

Rather than go to the Gym just with Chris on a Tuesday and Thursday morning on his membership, I've joined the Gym myself.  They had a great deal on so I took the leap.

That means I can go a couple more mornings before work.  Considering how daunting I found it going in that Gym in the first place, I can't quite believe I've just chosen that Gym over any of the others.  But it has such a good feel about it.

Second piece of good news... I can feel changes in other areas of my life not just health.  I have this ideal job that I've always wanted to do and I believe I'm qualified to do.  I've wanted to be a Private Personal Assistant to someone in the music industry for a long time now but not really done anything about it.

This week I also enrolled on a course for career development.  I have also done something else that is out of the box and my comfort zone, I will share more if anything comes of it.  If nothing comes of it then it doesn't. but it's a start!

Third piece of good news, my Brother has joined up with Chris (he knew Chris long before I did) to get healthy and fit.  It's great we have each other to talk to about it.

Now on to results, this week I've lost    

That is -
Week 1 - 7.5lb
Week 2 - 2lb
Week 3 - 5.5lb
Week 4 - 2.5lb
Week 5 - 1.5lb

Total Loss - 19lb

Don't forget to subscribe to Chris' Kelly's Coaching YouTube channel by clicking HERE  to see my journey from his perspective.

Have a great week and I'm trying to live by this........

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Week Four

Hi Guys,

Thank you for joining me again.

Week 4 was a struggle week for me, I could only go to the Gym on the Thursday.  My chest was so bad at the weekend and up to Tuesday I was out of breath doing the simplest of things.  

I don't know about you but I'm not one of these people that don't feel like eating usually when I'm ill. Thankfully I don't get ill very often but when I do I normally crave real comfort food.  I never understood when my friends would say they'd not eaten anything for days because they were unwell.. that was totally alien to me!  I wanted to eat more.

But I managed to curb my cravings and really did well to make sure I did what I was supposed to do, I wasn't going to let it ruin my hard work so far.

By the Thursday I was feeling a little more human so went to the Gym and did 20 minutes on the cross-trainer which I was pleased with as I'd found it a little difficult the week before to do 10 minutes.  We also started on one of the resistance machines and we're going to increase the machines by one for a week or two.

For breakfast I'm eating Omelettes, Banana Pancakes, Eggs on English Muffins, Wholemeal Bagel and Peanut Butter that kind of thing..

Lunches, I've been abit lazy with lunches, Marks & Spencer and the sandwich shop are just within a few minutes walking distance from work, not that I can afford it, but I've found myself in those places buying salads more than ever.  I need to start planning, now it's getting a bit cooler I'm going to start making soups, I love soup and I find it fills me at lunchtime without bloating me and making me want to snooze come 3pm like bread does.  Plus it'll save me money I can't afford to spend in those places!

Dinners have been generally a higher protein meal with salad/veg and a small portion of a carb.  

Snacks have consisted of Twiglets (I generally have a small packet of these at work on my desk, when I'm busy they take me ages to eat) and the odd biscuit, but mostly fruit.  Like I've said nothing is off the table hence....

I really wanted some chocolate the other day so bought some Freddo's (a small kids size bar of chocolate in the shape of a frog!) enough to knock the craving on the head and to have that lovely taste... usually that would have sent me in a spiral of ' oh my god what have I done, that's it I might as well give up' and have done exactly that, gave up.  But I didn't I just worked it into my calories and it was fine and it wasn't the share bar that I'd have really done some damage with in the past!

This week I have lost another 2.5lb, so at the moment I'm losing every week and as you can see I'm not depriving myself.  I'm just more conscious of what I'm putting in to my body.  I know the week on week weight loss won't last, I do have a lot to lose so that's probably why that's happening.  Getting to the weeks where I'm not losing is going to be the challenge.

Total losses
Week 1 - 7.5lb
Week 2 - 2lb
Week 3 - 5.5lb
Week 4 - 2.5lb

Total - 17.5lb loss.

Measurement loss so far (measuring every 4 weeks):

In total is 5 inches, that's total off waist, stomach, chest, hips, right and left - arm, knee and thigh.
Considering original weightloss does include some water and we've not been killing me at the Gym, I am pleased with that, it's 5" of fat gone off my body.

Tomorrow I'll post my review of week 5 and then I am up to date and can start posting on time.

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Thank you 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Week Three

After watching people's feedback from a weekend at Caister Soul Weekend over the years, they'd often said about their feet needing a week to recover (we're none of us getting any younger!) and Caister flu.  I thought they were urban myth... well they weren't :) but they didn't detract from an amazing weekend either.

Week 3 started the Tuesday after Caister (September 29th 2015)
This week was the first week in the Gym, Chris belongs to a body building gym in Milton Keynes so we went there.

That was a little daunting, it wasn't a pretty gym (as I call them) it is a gym (as the name suggests) where body builders go to train and get ready for competitions.  I was dreading my first day, I met Chris outside, I got there early and saw some of the blokes going in.  They were all really nice and said good morning which began putting me at my ease.

We went in and the first day was really about the treadmill, nothing else, getting to know the piece of equipment and walking for 20 minutes.  That was it.
Then on the Thursday we did 10 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross-trainer, I found the cross-trainer harder than the treadmill but got through it fine.

Food this week, I cannot begin to tell you how easy this plan is.  I've never got past day 3-4 of a diet in recent years.. but I've not gone over any of my allowances in 3 weeks.  I think that is due to a) the education and more importantly b) it's simple, no fuss, no BS it's sustainable.

No food is off the table just tweaking for example, while we were at Caister the only thing that was open (it was 4am but we'd not eaten since about 6pm) was a fried chicken type takeaway, we went there twice over the weekend.  So instead of having a chicken burger in a bun and fries, the first time we went I had chicken in a wrap no fries and the second time I just had some nuggets again no fries.

Now okay, fried chicken isn't healthy but it was what was available and by changing my habit of having a full meal I managed to curb my hunger and not do too much damage. 

During week 4 (I will post tomorrow) I ate another 'fast food' but again tweaked it, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

But mostly my focus is always on 1745 calories and within that there being 154g of protein, all of which My Fitness Pal works out for me.  

That's what it's all about I think, making changes so it works for your life at that moment while making a huge change in your life long term.

Planning my meals is my next challenge, I'm less of a planner more of a 'what do we have' and I think planning will be the next big step.

This week I lost 5.5lb! (I think I lost some of the bloatedness by the end of the week)

Here is Chris' week 3 video

So my weight loss to this point has gone:
Week 1 - 7.5lb
Week 2 - 2 lb
Week 3 - 5.5lb
Total = 14.5lb loss

My steps have increased to 8000 on average per day from hardly reaching 6000 on average.

I am so pleased, I can start to feel a little difference.

The changes I've noticed..... a) I feel less bloated b) I'm more aware of my eating habits without being obsessed about them c) I am looking forward to increasing my time at the Gym d) my clothes are a tiny bit looser (I will share measurement loss next time) 

Please follow Chris' YouTube channel and my blog - thank you for reading.
See you next time :)

Monday, 19 October 2015

Week Two

On to week two..

I have always led a fairly sedentary life in terms of exercise. Don't get me wrong being a single Mum of three as any parent will tell you, I'm always on the go but rarely do any proper exercise. I've always used the 'I don't really have time' excuse.

But all along knowing that as a parent if I don't look after myself who is going to look after the family. Until it became more difficult or perhaps just more of a consideration when doing things I'd taken for granted it wasn't a big problem to me.

I went for a trip to London with my boys, even when I was smaller I found London tiring especially when you're doing the tourist thing. But being larger, the sheer amount of walking that you do really hurt my hips.

That's when I realised this was becoming an issue.

So week two was about beginning to get moving, starting to take notice of the amount of steps I do in a day.

I bought a pedometer and that was another eye opener (there have been a few – can you tell?) I thought I was doing so many more steps than I actually was! There were just 2 days a week that I was getting anywhere close to 6000 steps a day! Of course that means nowhere close to the recommended steps a day of 10,000.  

Before starting with Chris I was worried about how I'd keep up with the exercise, how I'd even manage it. But Chris advocates baby steps, it's no good taking someone from being fairly sedentary to an hour in the gym every day cardio and weights. It's just not sustainable, I'd have pushed myself to do it because I wouldn't have wanted to be seen to fail but how long would I have been able to do that without injuring myself.

So this first week was about going for walks. That's it that was what I needed to do, I needed to start. Before this I'd have been aware of needing to do something but I would start an exercise DVD at home and give up half way through. Now I could do moderate exercise and build it up..

This was a challenging week food wise. I love soul music and had always wanted to go to Caister Soul Weekend, it'd been on my must do list for about 10+ years. This year I was going!

Before getting there I was a little worried about what I'd be eating. I knew exercise wasn't going to be an issue, it's 3 days of dancing after all. But with My Fitness Pal on my phone I kind of got through it okay. The weekend was fab! The people were so lovely and the music was awesome and I had a good time while not obsessing about food.

I don't drink alcohol usually, I've drank twice in 11 years and Caister was one of those times, but because I don't drink I only had a couple of glasses of wine and I felt great, stopped there and drank water. So alcohol wasn't an issue calorie wise.

I lost 2lbs this week, I did think it'd be more down to the sheer amount of dancing but I came back quite bloated, my ankles had disappeared! I was so swollen so I presume that had something to do with it.

But 2lbs lost is a loss and with last weeks 7.5lb we're at a running total of 9.5lb loss in 2 weeks so I'm happy with that.

Here is Chris' week two video (it was 7.5lb loss in week one not 6lb)...

Please join me tomorrow for week 3's update...

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Week One

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well.

When I'd posted my very first post the personal training plan hadn't started and I'd not met Chris properly yet, just for an interview when he was going through his selection process of who to give the 'Give Back' programme to.

Well, we're properly under way now. Given my track record I wanted to get a couple of weeks under my belt before I started posting.

I'm not going to concentrate on what I weighed (for now, I will reveal all at the end) suffice to say I have a huge amount to lose, approximately half my body weight.   But I'm not even focussing on that my focus is each individual stone, just losing 14lbs then starting all over again at 14lb to lose.

I've jotted down all my thoughts from the weeks, what we've done etc and now I will update you all.

So it's going to go like this... I'm going to post this post today and one every day for the next 4 days that will get me up to date in regards of weeks on the plan so far and then I will post once or twice a week from there with current results, actions and feelings...

Chris (his PT coaching company is called Kelly's Coaching, you can find his YouTube channel HERE) so, Chris and I met on the first Tuesday and for that first week (15thSeptember) which consisted of two sessions, one on the Tuesday and one on the Thursday.

Those first two sessions were all about education. What does the body actually need and how does it use what it needs and what does it do with the rest. The pure physiological reasons for the required food. What does the body do with protein, why it needs some fat and carbs and how it uses them etc

I am sure I've known all of what he was telling me over the years but my relationship with food wasn't practical, it was purely emotional, this is what I fancy rather than what does my body need. I think you lose all common sense knowledge once you step into the diet industries web of confusion and constantly conflicting advice.

It was an eye opener, my body (all of our bodies) are doing an amazing thing, trying to get us through our lives healthily, repair itself and keep trying to keep disease away and I was sabotaging all it's hard work with food it didn't need and less of what it needed to do the best it could.

Also, it was an eye opener regarding all the diets I'd been on over the years, don't eat protein, don't eat any carbs, only eat cabbage soup... (trust me I've tried them all).. yes if you'd stuck to them you'd have probably lost weight, but temporarily because they're unsustainable, I'm proof of that. But more importantly was the body able to access what it needed to do all the amazing things it is trying to do – probably not and the result of needing to lose as much as I do is because of eating the rubbish it didn't need.

So we had a look at my weight and my life and Chris worked out a plan. It's more calories than any other plan I've ever been on, I'm aware of my macros e.g .. how much protein I should be eating and I'm using the My Fitness Pal app to record it. Chris did tweak the app recommendations a little because obviously he's with me, he knows how much exercise I'm doing so once he'd tweaked it I have been allowed 1745 calories (at the moment, obviously as we go through that'll be adjusted) – that's a lot right? 

More than I've ever been allowed on a 'diet'. Recording couldn't be easier, just scan what you're eating into My Fitness Pal... bam! It works it all out for you and you can keep an eye on your macros (protein, fat, carbs etc) too.
Not only is it more calories than I've eaten on any other plan but also it's the easiest. There is no food I can't eat providing it doesn't go over my 'allowance'. So that makes it so much easier to work into your life.  

I've found that has kick started my self-regulation of what I'm eating, I don't need a list of 'off limit' foods that my brain has to focus on (tell my brain it's off limits and it craves it - e.g I've never been a big bread eater until I went on a mainly protein diet once, all I could think about what masses of crusty bread, it was a nightmare!)  I can eat what I like, if it fits in the My Fitness Pal allowance and I find I'm making better choices so as I can curb my hunger successfully through the day.

So how did I do that first week...... please remember how much I want to lose … I lost 7.5lb !! over half a stone.
I haven't been starving hungry once, I've had times when I've been a bit hungry but I want to lose weight, that's inevitable, I'm beginning to embrace the feeling of being slightly hungry as being a good sign and then eating better options to tide me over till mealtime.

It is about as unconfusing as an eating plan to lose weight could be and losing 7.5lb that first week has given me a boost.

Normally I'd get to day 3 or 4 of a diet and the little voice in my head (Jasper) would have told me it was fine to start again next week..... and the worst part, I'd have listened.

So, I'm recording videos of this whole process from my perspective but they won't be on YouTube until I've finished the first 6 months with Chris.

On Chris' YouTube channel you will find videos from his perspective how things are going, what he's showing me etc.  Please follow the YouTube channel to keep up with progress. Chris does offer online coaching so if you would like more information on that please contact him.  Here is the week one video...

As I said I will do daily posts this week getting you up to speed with how it's gone so far and then I'll be posting once or twice a week.  What's worked, what didn't work so well etc.

So please follow my blog and the You Tube channel and see you next time.

Sharon :)

Monday, 31 August 2015

Until now....

Hello and welcome to my blog.  

I am 47, I have been overweight and unfit for most of my adult life.

How did I let that happen?

Who knows, I can blame circumstance - I've been a single parent of 3 children (young adults now) for 14 years.  I have in that time, become a little bit within myself for numerous reasons, my marriage broke down, I didn't want to meet anyone else while the children were little, I didn't have much money.  It was easier to come home from work, shut the door and make sure the kids were brought up happy and safely. My Parents and Brother are local and help when they can, but it was essentially me and the children.  

I had a Immune Defiency disorder for about 6 years, which resulted in painful sores all over my legs, a bout of Chemotherapy and only ended with two lots of skin grafts so most days it was enough to look after the children and go to work, never mind even contemplating exercise.

But I don't think circumstance is 100% to blame of course.  My mental battle is where I think my problem always was.  I have found it difficult to turn off that voice 'Jasper' (I decided to name the voice in my head .. I know crazy right?), the voice that tells you it's ok to give into what you want rather than what you know to be better for you.

I'm not a psychologist  but I know/have known I have a problem with my relationship with food and being active.  I'm not completely lazy I work full-time, I run a house on my own with little uns then three teenagers and now three young adults.

My battle has always been between knowing what I need to do and committing to that and then giving in to that voice in my head that says 'go on, one more day' well unfortunately 30 years of 'one more day' has led me to this point.

I gave up smoking 25 years or so ago and have only drank alcohol once in 13 years. Both decisions that I made myself, just switched off the 'like' button and over night stopped... why can't I do that with unhealthy food.

I'm seriously overweight and worry about my health.  Aside from the physiological issues about being overweight there are psychological issues too. My life has pretty much been on hold socially for 15 years.  I rarely go out and the only thing that's on my mind is what is everyone thinking when they look at me or what if I see someone I knew years ago, so it's hard to fully relax and let go.

I have been given the amazing opportunity to change, right now.  I need a complete reprogramme I struggle trying to plan healthy meal plans and follow through with the exercise plans I set out.

My friend Emily at work knew of a local Personal Trainer who was offering a 'Give Back Programme' so she sent in an email about me, she knows how I feel about my weight, so it was a lovely thing for her to do.  

The Personal Trainer was looking for someone he can help to change the life of by giving them support and guidance, teaching them how to plan and manage their time so that they can start to change their life.

It was perfect for me and just what I felt I needed so I decided to apply myself.  I had to send an email over telling Chris about me, my life and how I'd got into the situation I was in.  I got through to the final ten applicants.  I met up with Chris for an 'interview' and we had a chat for about 30 minutes.  He explained what would be happen and how committed I'd need to be. After our chat I left and waited to hear.

About two weeks later I got the most amazing news... I'd won!!

I was the person that Chris of Kelly's Coaching had chosen to give this incredible gift to.   Six months of free Personal Training.  Just what I need, the chance to change my life. What an amazing gift to give someone.  I cannot thank him enough for that gift.

I have to prove to him and myself that he made the right decision.  There were others who were no doubt as worthy of his help, I have to do this for them too and mostly I have to do this for mine and my children's lives so I can be a positive role model for them when it comes to health, fitness and well-being.

I'd love it if you'd follow my journey.  If I can lose weight and exercise after thirty years of being mostly sedentary where exercise is concerned and not entirely but mostly eating a poor diet then anyone can, especially with the amount I have to lose (will go into that when we get started).  I have absolutely no doubt that there will be times when I'm not feeling so positive about it, when I don't want to exercise, when I would rather be eating something else but I will have to push through those times and if I can then I've no doubt I'll succeed with Chris' guidance and advice (and a dose of no BS say it as it is when I need it).

My journey will begin around the middle of September, I'd love it if you could join me and see if I can shut Jasper and his 'one more day' up for good (or at least be strong enough to tell him to bugger off) and get my life back.